Ewan and Tori’s Wedding information

Hi folks

You’ve been given this link because we would love for you to join us in Golden Bay for a belated wedding celebration.

As I think you know, we will be married a month earlier, so this will be a somewhat casual delayed wedding reception, rather than the official event. But it still should be a lot of fun as well as serve as a reunion of sorts for a bunch of us!

It hasn’t been the easiest event to plan, so many of the details will be appearing on this site later, but here is the rough plan for the weekend.

  • Friday July 15 – some kind of evening event, especially for those who have travelled from outside the Bay.
  • Saturday July 16, approximately 5pm: belated wedding reception. Venue TBD, but probably in Takaka or close.
  • Sunday July 17, early afternoon: event outdoors (weather permitting) – family beach games?

We don’t need your RSVP until May 16

Important travel information:

By air – while you can fly into Nelson, there is no public transport from Nelson to Takaka during the winter. However, we are planning to do one pickup and one drop-off at Nelson, probably on Fri 15 and Sun 17 or Mon 18 July respectively. If you think you would like this, let Ewan know, as we will soon settle on a single pick-up and drop-off time.

If you are flying from or via Wellington, there is also the “little plane”: Golden Bay Air to Takaka. Your accommodation might be able to pick you up off the plane, or we can arrange a pickup.

Looking forward to celebrating with you

Ewan and Tori

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