I study questions of global and personal policy that sit at the intersection of political philosophy, business ethics, and environmental ethics.  At the macro-scale: how should we foster trans-national cooperation and coordination to solve global multi-level collective action problems? At the micro-scale: how does the complexity of socio-economic and natural systems affect the practical moral reasons which face individuals in their everyday lives?  I have asked these questions about global supply chains and climate change, and I plan to ask them about other systems (e.g. machine intelligence and wild fisheries). At the most abstract level, I want to develop a general answer to the macro- and micro- questions, if one is possible.

 I am committed to fostering the skills of critical thinking, perspective taking, close reading and clear communication through teaching philosophy.

I am currently a Postdoctoral Research Associate at Princeton Environmental Institute and the University Center of Human Values.

Write to me at: ewan.kingston@princeton.edu




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