137-Ewan Kingston-Philosophy-2571Hello!

I am a Postdoctoral Research Associate at Princeton Environmental Institute and the University Center of Human Values.

I work at the intersection of political philosophy, business ethics, and environmental ethics. I have focused on climate change and global supply chains, and look ahead to continue working on these topics, as well as on the interplay of markets, democracy and expertise in other areas, such as responses to pandemics.

One of my main interests is global cooperation.  I seek to outline legitimate and effective institutional designs to solve complex collective action problems.

The other is consumer ethics. I have been developing a moral account that privileges contributing to positive structural changes  over shunning bad goods and selecting the “right” goods.

My other interests include social epistemology, non-western philosophy, and the history of political philosophy

 I am committed to fostering the skills of critical thinking, perspective taking, close reading and clear communication through teaching philosophy.

Write to me at: ewan.kingston@princeton.edu

See also my Google Scholar profile and my Philpapers profile

Photo by Ewan Kingston




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